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The world goes bananas when it concerns food. At the weekend and on unique events you take a seat with the food app and look for the nearest Greek Restaurant which can attend you with a carefully smoked and prepared Brizola and Frappe. There are numerous kinds of food serving techniques which serves a specific function.

The table service is the earliest kind of food serving method. It is practiced primarily in the household where the entire family commemorate dining together. The members sit around the table and the meals are positioned right in the middle of the table with serving spoon. Primarily, there are no waiters or attendees and the members serves the food for themselves. With the relative participating in the meal at the same time it will righteously develop a joyous environment.

The hospitals, airlines, room service uses the second kind of service which is known as the Tray service. In this kind of the service, a measured portion of the food is served on a tray and given to the customer or visitor. This is not like sitting at a table and having your food. The tray is served with all the foods together that includes the starter, main dish and the dessert.

If you are an American or remain in any part of America then you would recognize with the American style click here of serving food to the guests. The platters are placed on rolling stands and are taken by the waiter to the dining-room. As there are numerous trays on the stand at a time it is much easier for the participants to serve several guests at the same time.

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